Non-adherence of medication is a growing problem in USA. The economic burden of which is estimated at

$100 – $300 Billion.


  • Forgetfulness
  • Running out of medication
  • Being away from home
  • Unmonitored intakes

By addressing key barriers,


improvement in medication
adherence can be achieved.

RxCOMPLi enables improved patient adherence to medication
regimes in the most flexible & affordable way.


Medications On Time

With RxCOMPLi’s fully customizable reminders, never miss your medication anymore!

Right Medication, Everytime

Take the right medications at the right time, And also avoid taking medications twice!

Timely Refills

RxCOMPLi keeps a tab on your adherence, and notifies you for refills when you’re running out of medication.

Travel Companion

RxCOMPLi will empower you to adhere to your medication schedules even as you’re travelling across time zones.

Monitor Water Intake

RxCOMPLi’s smart sensor also lets you monitor your overall water intake for the day.

Smart Analytics

Get smart reports on your adherence data, and also share the same with your loved ones and caregivers.

Improved Monitoring

With insightful reports & actionable insights, doctors can easily co-relate Patient’s Health Data (BP, Glucose etc) to a patient’s adherence data.

Accurate Prescription

Doctors are now better placed to change the dosage or even the medication by monitoring patient’s compliance pattern.

Improved Productivity

With better adherence, there are lesser repeat visits from patients for the same ailment. Hence, doctors can attend to more patients.

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